Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Industry 2021 – Acceptance and Adoption of blockchain technology

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Blockchain is a secured and reliable technology, operating on a peer-to-peer basis (i.e. with connected computer systems), which is used to confidently stock and share data or list transactions. It enables to perform transactions in a relatively fast and cost effective manner. There are two kinds of Blockchain
and the sole distinction between public and private blockchain is related to who is allowed to participate in the network, execute the consensus protocol and maintain the shared ledger.

Blockchain is dominant in various fields including healthcare, remittances, trade finance, retail, education, insurance, banking and transportation. It is also evolving in the following industries – cybersecurity, cloud storage, voting, rise sharing, wills and inheritances, charity, law and enforcement, stock trading, supply chain management, gift cards & loyalty programs and car leasing & sales, etc.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

What is Blockchain

• Features
• Advantages & Disadvantages

• History of Blockchain
• Trends of Blockchain
• Blockchain & Covid-19
• Private vs Public Blockchain
• Blockchain Government
• Blockchain in Energy
• Blockchain in Manufacturing
• Blockchain in Healthcare
• Blockchain in Telecom
• Blockchain in Insurance
• FinTech Blockchain
• Notable blockchain Initiatives


• Crypto-currencies
• Advantages of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency
• Limitations of Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency
• Major Companies Accepting Bitcoin

• Outlook- 2021
• Listed companies in Blockchain

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