Cybersecurity Industry Report – 2021 – A must have for digital security

in on March 31, 2021

Cybersecurity focuses on protecting against any unauthorized and unwanted access to computers, networks, programs, and data. With the advent of digitization, the amount of data being generated has grown in leaps and bounds. Governments, corporations, and individuals collect, process, and store vast amounts of confidential information and transmit that data across networks.

Enterprises across the world are recognizing cybersecurity as a key area of investment and are allocating greater budget towards the same. Despite the higher spending by corporations on cybersecurity solutions, many still remain underinvested and underprepared. They are under constant attack from increasingly sophisticated criminals.

• Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Evolution of Cybersecurity

o Inventions
o Advancements

• Standards and Policies of Cybersecurity
• Trends of Cybersecurity

o Market trends
o Technological trends
o Latest Technological Applications
o Trends of COVID-19
o Growth Drivers

• Challenges and Opportunities
• Cyberattacks
• Automotive Cybersecurity
• Zero and SASE
• Situational Awareness
• Geographical outlook of Cybersecurity
• Key players of the industry
• Case Studies
• Outlook
• Bibliography
• Company Reports

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