ELECTRIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY – 2020 Will EVs change the landscape of the automotive industry?

in on February 17, 2020

The global automotive industry landscape is changing at a very fast pace primarily and is on the brink of a technological revolution due to the introduction and innovation in the electric vehicle industry.  The countries are slowly transitioning towards the utilization of cleaner fuels. Emission rules are getting tighter both at the city and national level, which is leading the government to limit pollution and greenhouse gases and hence promote the adoption of electric vehicles. The growth of the electric vehicle industry is growing due to the increasing awareness of climate change and reducing the carbon footprint on the already adversely affected environment.


 Table of Contents

• Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Industry Overview
• Need for EV
• EVBattery Market
• PolicyImplications
• TrendAnalysis
• EnvironmentalImpact of Electric Vehicles
• Impactof Electric Vehicles on Job Creation
• PrivateSector in EV
• Region-Wise Analysis
• Outlook
• Company
• CompanyCoverage Reports
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