IMPACT INVESTING INDUSTRY REPORT 2021 – The umbrella of investment is becoming broader and wider

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Impact investing is an extension of socially responsible investing, which focuses on companies that promote ethical and socially responsible consciousness such as environmental sustainability, social justice, and corporate ethics. It goes a step further by actively seeking investments that can create a significant, positive impact. The bulk of impact investing is done by institutional investors, including hedge funds, private foundations, banks, pension funds and other fund managers.

Executive Summary

• Impact Investing

• Industry Analysis

• Growth in Impact Investing

• Trends in 2021

• Green Investments

• Education and Impact Investing

• DEI and Impact Investing

• Climate Change and Impact Investing

• Capital Market Instruments in Impact Investing

• Gender Lens in Impact Investing

• Healthcare and Impact investing

• Role of Macros in Impact Investing

• Impact Investing in India

• Impact Funds

• Global Players

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