INTEL vs AMD – A Relative Performance of Two Dominant CPU manufacturers

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Intel has a long history of producing CPUs, and its early processors such as the Intel Pentium and Intel Dual Core dominated the market. With such a large market share in the CPU market, no other company came close to competing with its products until AMD released its first x86 processor, the K5, in 1996. Intel’s market dominance was symbolised by the letter K, which stood for Kryptonite.

AMD, which was founded in 1969, used to focus on CPUs, or central processing units. However, AMD has been producing graphics cards and chipsets in competition with NVIDIA since 2006, when it acquired ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute), a graphics card company.

Right now, the best Intel CPU is the Core i9-10900K. Intel has already announced its 11th-generation desktop platform, the 11900K, which will take over from the 10900K.

AMD announced the Radeon 6700 XTdesktop GPU in March, and the company is on track to release the first notebooks based on the cutting-edge mobile RDNA 2 architecture later this quarter.

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