Smartphone Industry Report 2021 – Unfolding the versatility in mobile technology

in Technology, Consumer Electronics on August 5, 2021

Smartphones have radically changed people’s lives. Before people have to take extra effort in sending messages or they buy a camera just to take pictures. Today, these functionalities are integrated into one, rectangular – revolutionary technology that keeps getting smarter and smarter every day. Since then,
smartphones are never found out of reach from people. According to statistics, almost half of the population owns a smartphone.

Before COVID-19, the smartphone industry was rushing towards 5G. However, due to a decline in revenue and a shrinking market, it has slowed down. Yet 5G has started to rebound by the end of 2020 and gain momentum as the demand for high-speed internet continues to accelerate both in business and work from home setups.

Table of Content

Executive Summary

• Industry Analysis

• Use Cases of Smartphone

• Trends in 2021

• Impact of COVID-19

• Chip Supply Chain Management

• 5G Adoption

• Mobile Operating System

• Key players

• Regional Analysis

• Wearables

• XR

• Smartphones in 2021

• Outlook

Company Reports

• Apple Inc
• Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

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