Smartphone Industry Report 2021 – Unfolding the versatility in mobile technology

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Smartphones have radically changed people’s lives. Before people have to take extra effort in sending messages or they buy a camera just to take pictures. Today, these functionalities are integrated into one, rectangular – revolutionary technology that keeps getting smarter and smarter every day. Since then,
smartphones are never found out of reach from people. According to statistics, almost half of the population owns a smartphone.

Before COVID-19, the smartphone industry was rushing towards 5G. However, due to a decline in revenue and a shrinking market, it has slowed down. Yet 5G has started to rebound by the end of 2020 and gain momentum as the demand for high-speed internet continues to accelerate both in business and work from home setups.

Table of Content

Executive Summary

• Industry Analysis

• Use Cases of Smartphone

• Trends in 2021

• Impact of COVID-19

• Chip Supply Chain Management

• 5G Adoption

• Mobile Operating System

• Key players

• Regional Analysis

• Wearables

• XR

• Smartphones in 2021

• Outlook

Company Reports

• Apple Inc
• Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

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