Uber Inc (UBER – Q1FY20) – High potential and high – risk investment.

in , on July 15, 2020

U4B now has relationships with 46% of the Fortune 500 and continues to gain traction among governmental organizations, including the U.S. Federal government as of April 2020. U4B deals increasingly include both Rides and Eats following the launch of Eats within U4B earlier this year, in certain jurisdictions, including in Brazil, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

Executive Summary

Financial Statements

– Income Statement and Forecast
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow
– Q1FY20 Results
– Q1FY20 Segment overview
– Developments
– Guidance and Conclusion
– GAAP to Non-GAAP reconciliation

Historical Performance

– Key Ratios
– Profitability Ratios, Asset Turnover Ratio, Growth Ratio
– Per share data

Product Performance and Key Developments

– Ownership
– Competition

Valuation and Consensus Performance

– Relative Valuation
– Analyst Recommendations

Market Price Performance

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